Newborn Sleep Notes


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With newborns it is not appropriate to use ‘sleep training’. However, we can look at all aspects of newborn sleep, such as sleep environment, props, age-appropriate awake time, feeds and growth, as well as using appropriate techniques to start supporting lifelong healthy sleep habits.

The newborn package includes:

An intake questionnaire to find out information about your little one.

A personalised set of ‘notes,’ giving you support and information around sleep environment, age appropriate awake time, wind down and settling techniques and a flexible, age appropriate schedule for naps and feeding.

Follow up support via one email or a 15-minute call (whichever you prefer) every one – two days for one week.

Please note this is suitable for 3–11-week-olds only. I take into consideration all aspects of your little one and reserve the right to refund you if I feel concerned about any aspects that would stop me from working with you such as weight gain or feeding difficulties.

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