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Freya - Certified baby sleep consultant

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

After giving birth to my son, I came home from the hospital and was feeling pretty good. He was sleeping well, feeding well and I thought I had this parenting malarky down. However, 4 months down the line and I felt like the wheels were coming off; sleep was all over the shop and my husband and I were knackered.

We knew sleep would be tough – everyone likes to tell you that before your little ones arrive don’t they? But being in the depths of it felt like a whole different kettle of fish. We couldn’t step back and think objectively about what to do – we were just too ‘in it’.  That coupled with trying to get the shopping done, get outside to get some air, attend baby classes, feed (myself and him), call my friends….it was all just too much!

At this point I started the ‘googling’, and where I found so much information – none of it was tailored to my son who had also been diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance. I longed for something that was personal to him, that took our circumstances into account and didn’t mean I was having to plump for one of many methods I had found on the internet, hoping that one worked. 

Fast forward a few months and once we had established some great sleeping patterns, I realised how stressful it is trying to find ways to help your little one to sleep and how much I wanted to help other parents who were in the middle of what I had been in. I set about becoming qualified, educating myself in holistic, science based and evidence backed, methods – learning about how sleep environment, nutrition, routine and finally settling technique can all influence babies, infants and children’s sleep. 

I became a certified infant and child sleep consultant whilst on maternity leave from my job as a teacher. The approach I take is bespoke to suit you and your child’s unique situation. 

My aim is to educate, and help you, giving you confidence to support your infant or child, from newborn to 4 years old, to sleep. 

I look forward to working with you and your family.

Freya xx